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With each passing day, the glass ceiling that separates women from their career dreams gets pushed back. Women today enjoy far more freedom concerning career choices than they did even three decades ago. Society progresses.

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, women in 1979 earned 62 cents to every dollar earned by their male counterparts. Today, the gap has decreased by another 19 cents. Of course, a lot depends on the choice of a job. Smart decisions can yield better financial returns for women.

Some career choices allow women to earn more. A high-paying and satisfying career for women can be in any of the seven fields mentioned below –

1. HR Managers

More than 70% of the positions in the HR field are held by women. The job involves interviewing and hiring new employees, onboarding them, educating the workforce, and ensuring smooth severance and transitions from a company. Human Resource managers also need excellent conflict management skills. Women HR Managers have a median income of $69,160. One of the reasons women have done well in this field is that the necessary skills to excel in this job match women’s gender-related traits. At the other extreme, almost all crane operators are men. Sometimes, gender bias is defined by the demands of the job. Women with empathy and emotional intelligence naturally make for great HR employees.

2. Engineers

Engineering is a diverse field, and more and more women are taking to engineering. Chemical engineering and computer engineering are two branches favored by women. Chemical engineers can expect an annual median salary of around $97,000. In general, women engineers can expect a yearly salary of approximately $65,000. Engineering is considered a crisis-proof field, and experienced engineers can make a living even when the economy is sluggish. Production planning, quality control, and customer service are just some departments here women can establish themselves in this field.

3. Information Technology Professionals

As with engineering, this is a vast field with many opportunities for women to rise up the hierarchy on merit. It is interesting to note that 32% of all of Apple’s employees are women. The figure is 31% at Google and 27% at Microsoft. Experienced UX/UI designers can earn upward of $90,000. Writing code is not going out of fashion any time soon, and women coders are steadily increasing in numbers. They write code, test programs, repair glitches, and can hope to earn up to $90,000 per annum. Database administrators, information security analysts, computer system analysts, and application software developers are other well-paying posts that women can consider.

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4. Pharmacists

Women make up more than 55% of the number of pharmacists in the United States. The US national healthcare expenditure runs into trillions of dollars, and women pharmacists in senior leadership roles play an important role in decision making. Full-time female pharmacists earn more than $111,000 per annum. The presence of mentors, diversity in the kind of work that they can choose from, and growth potential are some of the positives that make a pharmacist’s job an attractive choice for women.

5. Management Analysts

Management analysts or management consultants help businesses and corporates cut costs, boost efficiencies, and even discover new revenue streams. A bachelor’s degree in economics, management, finance, or business is accepted for gaining an entry into this line. Some employers may demand an MBA. Women can expect to take home around $69,000 per annum working as management analysts.

6. Education administrators

Accountants and auditors examine financial records to ensure accuracy and the fulfillment of legal requirements. They can expect to take home $71,550 per year for their efforts. Jobs are expected to grow at a rate of 4% for the period 2019-2029. This is on par with the average rate of job growth for this period. A bachelor’s degree in accounting is the minimum qualification for entry into this line. Growth prospects in this career are closely linked with the growth of the economy. As the economy grows, more accountants and auditors will be required to file reports, ensure compliance, and take care of their employers’ tax issues.

7. Substance Abuse, Behavioral Disorder, and Mental Health Counselors

Women are conspicuous by their presence in the field of education. They make up 65% of the education administers employed by schools and colleges across the United States. Women can hope to make around $65,000 per annum working as education administrators. The ever-expanding role of education and the growth of online education has led to an increase in the demand for education administrators. This career demands a master’s degree as an entry-level qualification. Postsecondary education administrators earn more than their counterparts working for kindergarten up to secondary school.


Education, healthcare, and technology are the main sectors where women can hope to earn high salaries and obtain job satisfaction in a work environment conducive for them. These jobs can also offer workplace flexibility for women who wish to balance their lives at work and home.

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