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If you’re looking out for a change of job , you may want to check out the hottest job markets in the USA that are hiring people, offering great salaries, and where the employment rates are higher than the national average.

1. Fargo, ND

The job market in Fargo, North Dakota has grown despite the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and is a great place for employment seekers in 2021. Unemployment rates in the Fargo metro area are low. Be it full-time, part-time or work from home opportunities, these are present aplenty in this city. The competition for employees is forcing companies to pay attractive salaries. Major employers in this area include Sanford Health, North Dakota State University, Essentia Health, Noridian Healthcare Solutions, and many others. Fargo ranks as among the best cities in America for entrepreneurs and fresh employees. Healthcare, education, retail, and manufacturing are among the big employers in Fargo.

2. Austin, TX

Austin, Texas is among the hottest job markets on the West Coast. High-technology firms are among the major employers in Austin. Engineers and computer science graduates from all over the West Coast find employment in this city of the violet crown. 3M, Apple, Amazon, AMD, PayPal, Nintendo, Nvidia are just some of the high-tech employers that continue to seek fresh and experienced talent. Along with bright employment prospects, Austin also attracts with excellent salary packages. Tech firms, low taxes, and a ready pool of talent from the tech universities in Austin continue to drive job growth here.

3. Boston, MA

Boston in Massachusetts has witnessed a steady wage growth rate, hovering at close to 4%. This city is a good bet for senior managers and other employees who pull a fat salary. Boston’s economy is driven by the IT sector, law, finance, and biotechnology. There are many small to medium-sized businesses that are registering triple digit growth rates, expanding fast, and these seek a qualified workforce. The big employers in Boston include workforce management software company Kronos, banking firm Rockland Trust, auto dealership The Herb Chambers Co., and others.

4. Nashville, TN

A vibrant startup scene and a low unemployment rate of 2.6%, among the lowest in the country, makes Nashville, TN a great place for job seekers. Music has always been among the major drivers of the city’s economy. Other sectors that are contributing to the growth and prosperity of the city include healthcare, retail, and fashion. There are more than 300 healthcare companies in Nashville. People are moving to this city and the steady, moderate rate of its growth is testimony to its strong economy and the risk-taking aptitude of the people. Major employers in Nashville include Big Idea Productions, CKE Restaurants, Gibson, Yazoo Brewing Company, and others.

5. Sioux Falls, SD

The fastest growing city in the in the Midwest has a projected job growth rate of nearly 11% for the next 5-year period. Sioux Falls in South Dakota is regarded as among the best cities for young professionals. Wholesale trade, manufacturing, retail trade, transportation and warehousing, and construction are among the major job creators in Sioux Falls. Notable employers in Sioux Falls include Sanford Health, Avera Health, Well Fargo, Citigroup, and Cigna. Financial companies have set up offices in Sioux Falls because of favorable state tax laws.

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6. Seattle, WA

A diverse business ecosystem, with cloud computing leading the way, and the presence of tech giants such as Amazon and Microsoft have made Seattle, Washington a happy hunting ground for those with a background in tech. Apart from internet and technology, other industries with a strong base in Seattle include biotech, fishing, shipping, hospitality, food and beverage, and healthcare. Amazon and Microsoft actively fund local startups in the area, and this has given a fillip to an entrepreneurial zeal very visible in the city. This, in turn, is generating jobs. Employers in this city include Gravity Payments, Avanade, Cray Inc., and Dendreon.

7. Bismark, ND

This city in North Dakota has been finding favor with employment seekers who come here drawn by its ample job opportunities and a very low unemployment rate. A good quality of life, employment benefits, and companies offering strong incentives to employees are other reasons for people choosing to come to Bismarck for a job, and then staying. The healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and mining sectors are actively looking for people to join their workforce in Bismarck. The top employers in the city are the State of North Dakota, Sanford Health, and Bismarck Public Schools.

8. San Francisco, CA

Few cities in the United States can compare with the diversity in jobs that San Francisco offers. The city also pays handsomely because many jobs here require advanced degrees or rich work experience. The technology sector in San Francisco is growing faster than the one in Silicon Valley. Tourism and leisure are the biggest employment generating activities here. There are more than 30 financial institutions here. Healthcare, warehousing and logistics, and retail are absorbing employees at a steady pace. An impressive wage growth of 7.1% and many job openings, this city continues its strong run as one of America’s top destinations for employment.

9. Boulder, CO

This city in Colorado has been ranked as the best small city in terms of job prospects. People who love an outdoor lifestyle, work in the technology sector, and wish to experience all the positives associated with a well-connected small city are moving to Boulder. Be it Google’s $131 million campus in central Boulder or Apple’s large office in the city, the tech sector is attracting talent to Boulder. Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clean energy, and the aerospace sector are contributing to the city’s active job market. Metron Technology, Array BioPharma, Trius, and Ascent Group are some of the established employers in Boulder, CO.

10. New York, NY

The New York metropolitan area is huge and covers cities across states. It is the biggest employment zone in the United States, and there are jobs available for all types of skills and experience levels. With more than 200,000 job openings at any one point in time, this area sustains one of the largest economies in the world. Wall Street, Silicon Alley, and The Port of New York and New Jersey are just some of the big employers here. The job scene here is upbeat Inc. and everyone else has been reporting on Austin's ascendance as a tech and entrepreneurial hub for a while now. So it's no surprise to find it at the top of this list. SXSW, mild winters, a youthful population, and a vibrant music scene all make Austin attractive to entrepreneurs and technology workers alike. The 5 percent wage growth, third highest in the nation, makes it especially appealing for those looking for a job. Now Apple is tripling its workforce there, building a $1 billion campus to hold 15,000 employees, which is pretty much guaranteed to push wages even higher.

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